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200 gr Sarelle hazelnut paste
200 gr Sarelle hazelnut paste with cacao
4 eggs
1 glass of sugar
½ glass of milk
½ glass of oil
1 pack of vanilla powder
1 pack of baking powder
2,5 glass of all purpose flour
1 small tea cup of hazelnut (chopped)

Mix sugar and eggs at least 4–5 minutes with a mixer. Continue mixing after adding milk and oil. Then add chopped hazelnut, sieved flour, baking powder and vanilla and mix with a wooden spoon. Divide the cake dough into two equal parts and mix one half with Sarelle hazelnut paste with cacao and the other half with Sarelle hazelnut paste.
After applying some butter and flour to the cake mold, pour the mixture to the cake mold and cook it for about 40-50 minutes in an oven which is preheated at 180 °C.

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