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3 tablespoons of semolina
Yolks of 2 eggs
200 gr butter (at the room temperature)
1 small tea cup of olive oil
1 glass of powder sugar
1 pack of baking powder
3,5 glass of all purpose flour
5 tablespoons of Sarelle bitter hazelnut paste
For filling:
1 glass of chopped walnut or pistachio
1 teaspoon of cinnamon
3 tablespoons of sugar

Mix butter and powder sugar in a cup until they become a cream-like mixture. Continue mixing after adding oil and Sarelle bitter hazelnut cream. Mix 1–2 more minutes after adding egg yolks. Knead a middle soft dough by adding sieved flour and baking powder together.
Grind walnut or pistachio with cinnamon and sugar in a food processor.
Take dough parts as big as walnuts and open up its middle. Put one dessertspoon of mixture you prepared in there and close the dough. Put them on a baking tray which a cooking paper has been put.
Cook it in the oven which is heated to 170oC before and after cooking put them on a rack and let them cool. Serve them after decorating with powder sugar.
After oiling the cake mould with butter, pour the mixtures in it alternately. Cook it in an oven which is preheated to 180oC for 40–50 minutes.

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