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1 sponge cake
2 oranges
For cream:
1 pack of whipped cream powder
½ jar of Sarelle hazelnut paste with cacao
For coating:
1 jar of Sarelle hazelnut paste with cacao
400 gram chocolate
300 gram butter

Extract the orange juices and dampen the sponge cake layer with it. Put the first layer to a circle cake mould.
After preparing the whipped cream powder as it is described on the pack, add ½ jar of Sarelle hazelnut paste with cacao in it and mix one more minute. Put the cake cream on the cake which is in the circle cake mould then smoothen it with a spatula. After putting the other layer, let it rest in fridge.
For coating the cake, melt chocolate, butter and Sarelle hazelnut paste with cacao by bain-marie method. Take cake out of the mould and smoothen the creams pour out from the edges of the cake. Put the cake on the counter and pour the coating mixture on it, let it ice. Let it rest in fridge for 1 hour after its chocolate is iced. And serve it by decorating it with what you like.
Note: You can find different tastes by putting fruits, chocolate chips or croquante on the cake after laying the cake cream.

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