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About Sarelle

Preference of conscious, investigator and quality-addictive, caring mothers, Sarelle takes its wonderful taste from special Sagra hazelnut.

A natural energy and protein deposit for children with its 100% natural ingredients and high hazelnut rate, Sarelle supports growth and development of children. Along with its Chocolate Spread with Hazelnut , Sarelle also has Hazelnut Spread. While Chocolate Spread with Hazelnut has 13% hazelnut, this ratio in the Hazelnut Spread is 45%.

All raw material used in Sarelle are taken from the nature as they are, and they are not subjected to any chemical process. It does not include trans fat, preservatives and coloring additives. Genetically-unmodified soy lethicin and natural vanilla manufactured from vanilla plant are used instead of natural identical flavour obtained through chemical reactions.
Sarelle is introduced with its specially-designed glass jar in the market by making the healthiest choice in jars.

Easy to spread even as soon as it is taken out of refrigerator thanks to its special formulation, Sarelle will become essential for breakfast tables and lunch boxes.